Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alikey in the World of Myths: A fashionable fairytale for young minds!

Once upon a time, there was Ali-key (the Greek Alice) in the World Of Myths.
She was holding a Key, to open the doors of old stories,
to unfold the grandma fairy-tales,
to revive traditional toy tales, to reveal dreams,
play with the fate,
use her imagination and create fashion and mood.. and history!

Ali-key is beyond age and “frozen” beliefs ,

she has the energy and shape of a young girl,
the wisdom and quiet attitude of an elderly woman ..
She is visionary, she brings together memories and experiences with the dreams and visions ..
 she combines the old and the new,
the retro with the modern, she is not black and she is not white.
Her avra is green, yellow, purple, blue and all the colours of the rainbow.

You feel that you know her, she captivates your mind..,

you recognize parts of your self, she inspires you.
It reminds you of who you are.. And then you do not wonder anymore!
you have the answers and you have the keys!

She will be the protagonist of our stories for as long as it gets

 - anyway she is like that, like the shootings stars!

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