Saturday, June 22, 2013

Steve Jobs - What a character!

On the morning of 5th October 2011, i woke up at my apartment in Doha,
 and i was announced from my flat mates that Steve Jobs had just died..
"Ela re", i said, and then... "Who is Steve Jobs?" :)
I already proudly owned a MacBook Pro and an iPhone,
so I should at least know the inventor of the devices i loved at first sight!
I am not the most tech geek person on earth and definitely
not the one who takes advantage the most of the tech products i buy.
But, i love design, i love simple and clean lines,
i love to be surrounded from beautiful things, i want to work with style
and i am a strong believer that the appearance and first impression do count!

A few months later i bought his biography, written by Walter Isaacson.
Due to often trips and lack or luck of a proper home base,
i too opened my mind and myself to the e-Book industry
and started to read books online.
 But, for this one, i wanted the actual book, the pure white hard cover edition,
that now plays the role of a decoration item in my house.
But it was heavy, and i was traveling a lot, so i did not manage to read it before now,
that i decided to spend a tranquil summer in Crete, at my refugee,
and maybe come up with the decision of what to "become" when i grow up! :)

I loved the book! I loved the story of the character Steve Jobs,
who in between his "reality distortion field", the raw expression of his truth
and the hero/shithead dichotomy, he was driving people crazy or else out of the box.
I do not think he knew what he was doing
 - he probably broke many management rules and market research procedures,
but my feeling is that he fortunately did not know other way.
Intuitively driven by a vision, rigid beliefs, extremely nice "taste"
- obviously influenced from the Zen philosophy and way of life,
control freak - showcasing the value of end-to-end integration
 and provision of full experience to the client,
he was pushing people to the edge on both positive and negative way...out of limits.
His mind-thinking and philosophy could be recognized and reflected
 at the apple's ad campaign "The Crazy Ones"
and the ad slogan "Think Different".

The story and the narration, reinforced my beliefs
that you distinguish
 the difference between "just a product" from a creative outcome with soul and style. I
t is extremely rewarding for the involved in the creation people and it upgrades the quality of life for the rest!
An inspirational story, to remind us that we have to dare to dream,
to develop our talents and leave sth behind.
but something that we do well and maybe inspire other people to go further!

To close the story, I borrow a couple of lines from his words :
"We try to use the talents we do have to express our deep feelings,
to show our appreciation of all the contributions that came before us,
and to add something to that flow"
Enjoy the journey!

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