Friday, June 29, 2012

America - Road Trip - Pacific1 and the Deserts

Full tank, GPS and ready to go!!
Driving along Pacific 1 and getting a sip of the inland deserts of California,
the trip was worth it more than the destinations themselves...
Pictures, diverse landscapes,
people from every part of the world, rare animal species,
music, colours and perfumes...

I can not start describing what we tasted and experienced during all these days,
I have not even realized myself yet,
but I will try to keep a photo diary,
indicative of the route and the itinerary,
trying to capture and share some moments.

San Francisco
Napa Valley - The Wineries
Calistoga - Double Rainbow and
 confrontation with US cops!!

Monterey - Together with its neighbour Pacific Grove and posh Carmel,
have attracted famous writers and artists of the last century

Big Sur - more a state of mind than a place you can pinpoint on a map...

Santa Barbara -Carpinteria Beach - "The American Riviera"

Santa Monica - Pier


Los Angeles - Hollywood Boulevard

Huntington Beach - The Surf City

Del Mar - Laguna Beach

La Jolla

San Diego - Aroma of Mexico...

The Road the less traveled...

Grand Canyon