Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Strange Girl...


  • Loves the summer, follows the sun and gets the sea view wherever she lives, but she also loves a weekend on a mountain full of snow
  • Walks on high heels, but at home is always barefoot
  • Does not say no to beautiful boutique hotels during her trips, but once in a while she sleeps in a cave by the sea
  • Is a believer of "simple is beautiful" but an extraordinary touch makes always the difference
  • Practices yoga and all kind of sports, but smokes a couple of relaxing cigarettes by the veranda every night
  • Believes that secret lies on details, but quick and synthetic is the way she prefers things done
  • Is a definite team player, but only if the team plays well
  • You can find her once in a modern night club and the next day at the most crapy place discussing with friends for hours
  • In business environment is a leader and although most of the time is the friendliest and most helpful person on earth, she can be really tough if you do not deliver on time
  • Loves flirting, but will not even bother if he is stupid or does not have "the way"
  • Is romantic, believes in love and follows her heart, but can be really cynic at times 
  • Is not a morning person, but she can find a couple of good reasons to wake up early:)

The strange girl is not so "strange" after all...

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